The last integration you’ll ever need.

Well…at least for verification or authentication.

KYC? AML? Proving identity? We have you covered.

Set up in minutes and start authenticating instantly. We handle the heavy lifting and make sure you’re making money, saving money and 100% compliant.

We break personalities into particles.

We bring the entire user into our system. We don't just scan identity documents and provide the ability to share them digitally—we turn the data on those documents into smaller bits. We call those bits “particles.”

You can then can ask for any combination of those particles (which we call “constellations”) whenever you want, whatever you need, directly from the user

Particles into constellations = check anything.

Constellations are the simplest way to KYC. They’re actually the simplest way to check anything.

Instead of requiring a user to go through the cumbersome process of filling out forms or taking photos of docs—you just ask them for the particles that will prove what you need. They’ve already done the work once, so now all that’s required is a single-tap “approval.” They agree to share, and you get the data you need—instantly.

Who really owns the data?

Let's be really clear—we don't believe anyone should own data unless it's theirs. Said differently: if a user does ANYTHING with their “digital self”, what they did belongs to them.

Glyph is unique. We can't share your data, or even see it, without your permission. Users keep everything and if we’d like to see or use something that they own, we have to ask for it just like you do.

JS, serverless, blockchain…
oh my.

We’ve spent the last year building our system with scalability and security in mind. We stayed quiet and kept our heads down building Glyph, a product that we believe will change the world forever.

Our list of tools include React native, React JS, Graph QL, Serverless, a host of microservices, KPI encryption, and of course Blockchain.

Glyph is how you become a single-self.

It’s time we all stopped giving our most valuable asset away: who we are. We don’t do this in day-to-day life so why are we doing it digitally? We shouldn’t be. With Glyph, we don't have to anymore.