First, teach
people that they are their data.

To most companies, our information equals money.

Your personality is a revenue stream.

Who you are and what you do, both online and offline, is data. That data is bought and sold every day and it happens at your expense.

Second, help
them get woke.

If you are your data, then why would you ever allow a company or app to own your data? That’s right—you wouldn’t, not if you had a choice.

All of those accounts you’ve created? You go to them, freely, and repeatedly, and every time you do—you give more of yourself away. For free.

Third, show them that the only way out…
is in.

The only way to bring your information back under your control is to keep it in one place. One spot that is yours, that you own, that you have the (biometric) keys to.
And then…are you ready? You stop logging in. You stop logging into websites and platforms and apps. You stop logging in and you start letting them—log into you.

And now, lets
bring it all back

What happens when you own your digital self? What
happens when you stop letting other people collect your info
and instead give them selective access to the info that you

Put simply, you own yourself. Again. For the first time.

Last, blow their minds with the plot twist.

The only person who can sell your data is the person who owns it. So if you own your data and someone decides they’d like to see it, they have to come ask you for it.

Now here’s the paradigm shift. Brace yourself.

When you say "yes"—you should be compensated. They should pay you.

Glyph is how you become a single-self.

It’s time we all stopped giving our most valuable asset away: who we are. We don’t do this in day-to-day life so why are we doing it digitally? We shouldn’t be. With Glyph, we don't have to anymore.

Our team is committed to making this something that takes the entire world by storm.